Dressing for your Body Shape

Let’s face it everybody stores fat; we just store it in different amounts in different places creating some very different body shapes. For some people it’s around the middle forming an apple shape, others around the thighs and hips creating a pear shape.  Once we have decided what ‘shape’ we are we can dress accordingly to help disguise or emphasise the good and bad points of our body shapes.

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10 Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know

We all have ‘tried and tested’ ideas, hints and tips we swear by. Some are useful, some are just plain sensible and others are a bit ‘out there’. Here are 10 of our favourite ‘Fashion Hacks’ that we have come across, that we believe everyone should know about.

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June Offer 10% Off Triumph Bras

triumphbraonlyTo celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering 10% off all Triumph Bras from now until the end of June!

A properly fitting bra improves your overall appearance, not onley does it give you a great shape, it helps with your posture and the fit of your clothes. Amazingly over 70% of women wear a bra that is not the right size for them, making them feel uncomfortable and often droopy or lumpy. Here are 4 signs that your bra may not fit properly:

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