haberdasheryLost a button? Need to replace a zip? From ribbon to elastic we can supply most sewing solutions.  

For easy hemming with no sewing we also stock Wundaweb. It is long lasting, durable and is perfect for most types of fabrics and all sorts of garments.

Wundaweb is a pretty amazing product, an iron on easy hemming adhesive that eliminates any need for  having to search for a needle and thread and the 1 or 2 puncture holes in your fingertips.  It is long lastering, durable, washable, dry cleanable and comes with full instructions.

 Here are 5 ways to use Wundaweb that you may not have thought about:

  1. Stick on scout, brownie or guide badges without sewing
  2. Instant trouser or skirt hems
  3. Sealing pockets for children who like to fill them with sticky stuff
  4. Hemming curtains to the right length whilst they are still hanging
  5. Sticking on ribbons and fabric decorations to ‘up cycle’ old bags and jackets